Installation Instructions

Licensed electrician to install power point 240VAC or 110VAC. This machine has a switch mode power supply for 240VAC or 110VAC.

1. Find location to mount AIR DRAGON. We suggest above the entry to building. Draw a level line to the position where you wish to mount the AIR DRAGON using a spirit level draw a straight line with a pencil.

2. Mark holes through mounting bracket to wall with a pencil against the level line. Ensuring bracket is level with pencil line. Place level on bracket to ensure it is level before making holes. 

3. Drill holes marked, affix fasteners and wall plugs supplied, for metal, cement or brick. 

4. Lift machine onto the fixed wall mounting bracket, allowing metal tabs on the bracket to insert through back of cabinet, lower the machine down on the bracket ensuring a good firm fit. 

5. Unlock cover, gently remove cover by lifting bottom edge forward and lifting cover upwards, do not pull cover to far out until alarm LED cable is unplugged and removed from PCB controller board, unplug sign light by releasing clear plastic cable joiner attached to cable before taking cover off. 

6. Remove filler cap and fill tank with 1.5L liquid pyrethrum. Tighten cap, wipe dry after filling lift cover to machine, re-insert socket plug into PCB for (RED LED) alarm. Re-insert clear plastic cable connection to light for LED sign. 

7. Align tabs for cover on top of cabinet, gently pull down, align and lock using the key supplied.


  1. A licensed electrician is to install power point 240V. 
  2. Place 3 pin power plug into machine and turn on. 
  3. Use the preset program:
    • 2 Minutes every 2 hours 4 x a day
    • 2 Minutes every 2 hours 4 x during the evening
4. Set desired timer settings with instructions provided. See timer instructions.



  1. AIR DRAGON will stop when tank level drops to low levels (usually after 5 months of use)
  2. Alarm will sound and red LED light will pulse. 
  3. Turn power off
  4. Unlock cover and lift
  5. Undo quick release sign fitting and remove alarm socket from PCB board.
  6. Undo cap and refill tank with 1.5L bottle supplied, then re tighten cap. 
  7. place cover back on ensuring wires are not protruding from cover, align metal cover tabs with slots on back of machine, align and lock cabinet. 
  8. Turn AIR DRAGON on and make sure the line______appears over AUTO on the timer display, by pressing the button the line can move to -------- OVERRIDE         AUTO          OFF.
  9. When in auto position timer follows the preset program. 


  1. Timer operates with a 24 Hour Clock setting. 
  2. Air Dragon Preset Times           

   ON          OFF

  8.00        8.05

10.00     10.05

12.00     12.05

14.00     14.05

16.00     16.05

18.00     18.05

20.00       20.05

22.00       22.05

24.00      24.05

AIR DRAGON will run then at 5 minutes past the hour. All lights will stop and AIR DRAGON will stop until the next cycle.

When starting AIR DRAGON for the first time or after refilling, press the on side of button to left, this is a manual overide

You will see a red LED light on. At the bottom of the screen you will see a black straight line  once AIR DRAGON cycle has completed and the motor has stopped, press the off button to the right. The black straight line should now be under the off button and AIR DRAGON will be off.

To engage the settings for preset times, press manual button in the centre, the black line should now be in the middle. With this in place from the next cycle, programs will be engaged and cycles will repeat with presets for all days. 

The cycle time should not exceed 5 minutes.