How it Works

A self functioning permanent solution to a significant problem 


AIR DRAGON provides a fast safe and effective barrier from mosquitoes, sand flies, common flies and fruit flies.

AIR DRAGON  is ideal for use in restaurants, clubs, hotels and resorts with open air capacity and in domestic homes with large foldback window panelling.  

AIR DRAGON is perfect for the garbage areas in residential flats, hospitals, schools, shopping centres, mining camps, golf clubs -  wherever mosquitoes and flies and odours are a problem

AIR DRAGON  operates to convert organic pyrethrum a natural plant extract into fine particles barely visible to the eye to form an invisible barrier for mosquitoes and flies utilising high pressure turbine technology.

AIR DRAGON creates a fine mist typically operating for 47 seconds every 2 hours 8 times a day.

The 1.5 litre pyrethrum tank lasts for 3 months with normal use. Simply top up the tank with the pyrethrum fluid, (natural or scented)  tank level alarm flashes and sounds.

The Pyrethrum is naturally scented or can be customised with your choice of scents enabling an aromatic and deodorising solution. We presently offer natural, coconut, vanilla and lavender. 

The Pyrethrum mix is safe around food.