About us


Air Dragon is an Australian Company providing natural solutions to global health issues. 
Air Dragon utilises innovative high pressure turbine technology to atomise and disburse:
  • A natural pyrethrum barrier for insect control with the added benefit of providing aromatic solutions.  
  • An effective pathogen control solution against viral, fungal and bacterial contaminantes, lifting hygiene standards and cleaning the air.
Made from polished stainless steel, with an easy wall mounting system, the Air Dragon provides commercial and residential solutions to pathogens, insects, odours providing 24/7 protection.
All products used by Air Dragon are tested, manufactured and assembled in Australia.  






AIR DRAGON Pty Ltd (ACN: 606 934 169) is an Australian Company and the owner of Patent Number PCT/AU2016/30236 "The Pyrethrum Atomiser" AIR DRAGON ® AT-EM®